Magazine Editor

Engage Your Students

Regardless of the assignment, your students will be engaged while producing online social magazines around the assignment topic. These magazines, created with an easy to use drag-and-drop interface, bring together rich media content such as text, photos, videos, graphics and more. Each magazine comes with a set of built-in social features making the teaching and learning experience both interactive and social.

Safe and Social Learning Environment

Living Junction EDU is an ad free environment designed solely for educational use. Teachers can select the appropriate privacy level for each assignment. Students can work on their projects by themselves, or collaborate in pairs or groups and discuss the projects created by others in the class making the learning experience both safe and social.


No set-up required - Easy to learn and use

Living Junction EDU doesn't require any complex setups, additional tools or specific hardware. Teachers can sign-up and start to give out assignments to their student in matter of minutes. The service is designed with the end user in mind and anyone can pick up and learn to use it in matter of minutes.

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